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Applying to US Universities: Writing Effective Essays and Personal Statement

Applying to US Universities: Writing Effective Essays and Personal Statement

Application essays and personal statement is one of the ways the international students use to make an effective and memorable personal statement when applying to the U.S. universities. However, writing the essay that would fulfil its role and perfectly demonstrate personality of the applicant can be very challenging.

Do you want to hear about the expectations and understanding of the admissions committee, identify engaging topics for your essay, find out about common admissions essay mistakes and writing tips? Join our webinar with the university representatives from six universities across the U.S. to address your questions about the application essay/personal statement writing.

Our speakers will be:
• Rashad Howze, Director of International Recruitment at Missouri Western State University,
• Youssef Wahib, International Admissions Counselor at Stony Brook University,
• Elizabeth Lohrenz, International Recruitment Specialist at Minnesota State University,
• Kristoffer Toribio, Assistant Director, Global Engagement at Orange Coast College,
• Scot McClamma, International Recruitment Manager at Pepperdine University,
• Bobby Branigan, Associate Director of International Admission at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University.

The presentation will be conducted in English.

To join the presentation online please register in advance at the following link.

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